Who We Are


Adaptable Home Solutions is a comprehensive provider of a full range of mobility-enabling home adjustments. From simple modifications to a more extensive overhaul, our knowledgeable and helpful staff, including a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS), works in coordination with your Social Worker or therapist. We perform a thorough home environment assessment, and meet with you to fully understand your specific situation. Our approach is that every individual should have a right to choose. Different people have different concerns and priorities: Which adaptations are most important, and which can wait? Which model should I select? Will my home's value be affected? How can I know which choice is financially sound? Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will take the time to determine the variables that are most important to you and help you narrow down the selection with suggested options that meet your needs, both practically and financially. Because beyond our expertise and skill, we at Adaptable Home Solutions are first and foremost people's people: we're here to help you adjust.

  •  Expert and friendly guidance
  •  Wide range of innovative ideas
  •  Emphasis on Universal Design
  •  Outstanding customer service
  •  Experienced and professional contractors
  •  Assistance with identifying grants and financing