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At Adaptable Home Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of home adaptations, ranging from simple installations to more complex modifications. Our fully licensed contractors are highly experienced and professional; they will make your experience a pleasant one. We provide a full range of the home modifications including:


Today's technology allows a broad array of innovative ramp options. Some of these include Modular Aluminum Ramp Systems which are thoroughly durable yet economical; Structural Wood Ramps, for a more home- or porch-like appearance; Landscaped/Earth-Berm Ramps using gently sloping walkways and grading to blend into existing landscape; Threshold Ramps, ideal for traversing raised landings, doorways, or sliding doors, including The SUITCASE® Advantage Series ramp, which conveniently folds up and stores away. Contact us to learn about the many other options.


Is the staircase in your own home making it uncomfortable to live in? Has walking up and down the stairs become too difficult? A Stairlift can provide an effortless connection between the floors of your home with quiet, comfortable, stylish elegance. Whether you want a straight rail stairlift , a custom curved rail stairlift, an outdoor straight rail stairlift, an outdoor curved stairlift, or even a vertical platform lift, Adaptable Home solutions installs them all. You can remain in your own home and never worry about navigating the stairs again.


Immobility-related complications present a unique challenge for caregivers, especially when transferring patients in and out of a bed or wheelchair. Each patient's needs vary depending on factors such as body size, weight, level of mobility and medical condition. Adaptable Home Solutions offers a variety of lifts to meet your specific needs and budget. From lifts that are set on celling tracks to mobile lifts that may be wheeled from one room to another, we have right solution for you.


The bathroom is usually the one area of the home that requires the greatest transformation for the physically challenged. Adaptable Home Solutions covers all the bases. In addition to adding non slip flooring, widening doorways and converting the bathtub, we offer to retrofit your bathroom with chair height toilets, adjusted sink heights and mirrors, remove under sink cabinets, add grab bars and improving lighting. The result is a user friendly bathroom that perfectly accommodates the physically challenged with minimal change to the aesthetics and functionality of your original bathroom design.


Has the bathtub wall or shower door become a barrier to entry to taking a bath or shower? There are numerous ways Adaptable Home Solutions can reconfigure any bathroom or bathtub so that you can once again luxuriate in a good soaking. Our customized solutions include: Roll-in curb-less showers; converting your existing bathroom into a European wet room; Portable Showers; Walk-in tub or simply shaving down the outer wall of your tub and elegantly capping it with a Safeway Step ® threshold molding.


Adding grab bars around the home can be a daunting task. You likely have questions such as: Where should I place them? How do I anchor them? Can I drill through ceramic tile? ETC. Our Certified Aging in Place specialists and installation specialists take care of everything for you. Want full accessibility without an institutional look? We carry a whole line of decorative grab bars that can actually enhance your homes décor and unobtrusive grab bars that don't look like grab bars altogether such as heavy duty towel racks and handrails.


Are you nervous about not seeing the steps or some other obtrusion, due to poor lighting? Is turning on and off light switches becoming a difficult chore? Adaptable Home Solutions is also your one stop lighting solutions center. Our innovative lighting products will make your home brighter and your life simpler. From easy-access light switches, remote controlled switches, under cabinet lighting, and strategically re-positioned fixtures we have everything you need to bring your home up to the standards you are comfortable with.


Your home's original doorways may not be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or walker. During our home inspection, we will determine the correct width your doors need to easily navigate through your home with handicap equipment. We have numerous options to meet your needs and budget.


Don't let that beautiful shiny floor become a slip and fall trap. Especially in bathrooms and other areas of the home where floors are often wet, it is vital that the flooring be a non-slippery surface. Adaptable Home Solutions can replace your existing flooring with beautiful, high-traction flooring or apply non slip application treatments to your existing flooring and tub/shower area. Now, you no longer have to compromise beauty for safety. With Adaptable Home Solutions, you'll have them both.


A door knob can be a real nuisance when your hands are clutching a walker, wheelchair or any other support device. It makes sense to have automatic door openers installed on all your doors so that you never wrestle with a door knob again. Now, at the push of a button, doors swing effortlessly, making navigating your home a breeze. Adaptable Home Solutions carries a full line of automatic door openers for any door type including interior, exterior, French and sliding doors.


Extra space to maneuver is on the top of the list of things people facing physical challenges need. Pocket doors is an easy solution. By converting ordinary, hinged doors to doors that slide away invisibly into the interior of your walls, you free up space ordinarily taken up by a swinging door. Adaptable Home Solutions contractors will determine which doors can be converted to pocket doors and will install them for you.

Call the experts at Adaptable Home Solutions today for a free, no-obligation consultation and to learn more about the many creative options that are available.